Krylov Science-Technical Society of Shipbuilders  Software list

All software may be use as freeware for educational and marine researches.
Last compiled all sources in Code::Block.13.12/GNU-C++ 6.3.0 (OpenMP).

Window-Place sources for OpenGL (112 332,2017.01.31)
      Manual: Window-Place   (in Russian)  
Ship seakeeping researches tools (148 318,2017.01.16)
Oceanography computational experiments, computational experiments, utilities, data and Russian docs (536 602,2017.03.28)
Mariography data interpretations (609 142,2017.03.28)
      Manual: Ani+Mario   (in Russian)  
Additional utilities (307 159,2017.03.28)
GIS "Sakhalin" (1 310 009,2008.07.22)
Tv - viewer and converter for Ani - bathy.inf; DesignCAD - dc2,dw2, vct,vfn; Surfer - grd,bln; netCDF - nc; Borland - chr; pcx,tv etc. (30159, 2017.03.28)
Sourcewares of basic (main) marine engineering modules (1 447 485,2017.02.02)

(c) Sakhalin Division of Science-Engineering Society of Shipbuilders named Alexey Krylov.
(c) Sakhalin State University.

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